Huh? Yup. Gishwhes.  Standing for, The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen, Gishwhes. It’s in it’s third year and is exactly what it sounds like.

You complete in teams of fifteen, with people around the globe, most or all of whom, you’ve never met. For seven days, you create, donate, inspire and generally just make the world more awesome. Here’s the list of items from the list last year.

You may or may not know, that I’m rather socially awkward. I have a general fear of people and often life itself. The world can be scary. But it can also be amazing. I want in; I want out of the scary bubble inside my head.

Thankfully, I found myself on an awesome team, rich with Whovians and Sherlockians, and Winchester Worshippers. Team Allonsy, FTW!

We’re not allowed to post any pictures or video of what we’re doing on social media until the hunt is over, but I promise to come back and update when I can.

If you’re interested in making the world more awesome, or in donating to random acts, the charity that starting this whole crazy adventure, you still have a week to sign up and throw your dignity aside. Death to Normalcy!



Happy Sunday!

It certainly is a happy Sunday for me indeed.  Spec script is done!  For real this time.  And I’m actually super happy with it.

I’m going to let it sit until Tuesday, then go over it again to make sure I didn’t make any obvious mistakes (like spelling one of lead character’s name wrong- but really who puts last  names in a script?) and then, out it goes.  And onto spec #2.  And then spending some time fleshing out my original pilot.  (Full disclosure: I think the pilot idea I have AND LOVE is currently beyond my capabilities so I may have to switch it out until I feel more confident weaving several stories together).

So I’m planning to simply enjoy the next two days.  I’ll spend of them choosing spec #2 (I’m currently going between United States of Tara, Community and Raising Hope) and maybe thinking of some sketchy ideas.  But mostly I plan to watch Sherlock.  I’ve earned it.

Writing the spec was harder than I thought it would be.  I didn’t think it would be easy, per se, but I didn’t think the jokes would be so hard.  I didn’t think that so many of the ones that seemed good in my head fell flat on the page.  I didn’t realize that the casual viewer of the show wouldn’t get some of my favorite jokes.  I didn’t realize how much of the comedy comes from the actors.  A subtle look.  A cock of the head. An inflection in the voice.  Stuff that’s hard to capture in written form.

But I’m proud and pleased with what I have.





I almost caved last night.  I sat with Sherlock sitting on the TV with the little Wii hand poised above the play button.  I don’t know what I’m waiting for.  I’m not watching this show, that I am dying to watch, because someday (probably soon) it will end (so I guess I do know what I’m waiting for.)  I’ve been hoarding it like food in a nuclear shelter.  I want to make sure it’s still there when I feel I need it the most.  Maybe after a big fight with a friend.  Or a particularly crappy day of writing.  Or when I don’t have other shows I’m watching to keep me company.

Now that I’ve beat it, I’m glad I put it off because a) I was incredibly tired last night- I don’t sleep well (I actually don’t think I know any writers who do) and b) when I woke up this morning I decided it was going to be my reward.

The first season in three episodes (Oh BBC, how you mock me!) I’ve decided I’ll watch the first episode for the day I send out my spec (I’m going to use the Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship  because ABC wants a bunch of recs of entertainment industry type folks which I have zero way of getting), the second when I finish the first draft of my pilot and the third when I finish the pilot.  I hope the time line will go something like this:

  1. Episode 1: February 17th
  2. Episode 2: March 1st
  3. Episode 3: April 1st

Now that is my proposed time like.  The actual will probably be similar to:

  1. Episode 1: February 17th
  2. Episode 2: February 17th
  3. Episode 3: February 17th

I’m relatively good at the waiting, but once I break the seal, there is no going back.  I can resist the bag of cookies for a month, but once I open them, I must eat the whole bag.


I love (hate) the BBC

I have a love/hate relationship with BBC.

They make the most amazing shows (Full disclosure, I don’t get most British comedy, although I thoroughly enjoyed Manchild,  but they NAIL drama and sci-fi) but with the notable exception of Doctor Who, it doesn’t seem to matter how well a show performs, or its legions of fans, they insist on doing ridiculous things, like, giving awesome shows 6 episodes a year, for two years and ending them.  Why or why must they torment me so?

I got 2 brilliant seasons (or series if you like to pretend, as I so often do, that you’re British- or I suppose if you actually are British) of Survivors and then nothing, but here in the great ‘ol US we have 10 seasons of stupid crap, like One Tree Hill (Even more full disclosure: I’ve never actually seen One Tree Hill, but do you really need to?) and endless seasons of reality TV.

I’m been dying, yes literally DYING to watch Sherlock because I know it will amazing, but since I know it most likely won’t make it passed this season (it’s possible, I think Being Human is on season series three right now, but I’m still only halfway through the 2nd-it’s sooooo good #nospoilers!), I’ve been trying to savor it.  I know it’s always just off in the horizon, waiting to be devourer over a long weekend.

But this should not be case, no?  I should be able to enjoy the actual good shows on TV without fear of them being yanked out from under me.  Sigh.  I suppose that’s my cue to go watch the CSI: something or other.