SDCC and the Crush of Returning to Normal Life


So another year of SDCC has come and gone, and I haven’t been to the party.  Thankfully, Twitter was amazingly awesome with updates and panels and pics (is it too schticky if I add ‘oh my!’ here?)!

I may have to divert some money into getting into NerdHQ stuff if I ever make it the 2700 miles over there. I mean seriously; how freakin’ awesome were  Zac Levi and Nathan Fillion?


With the wrap up of Comic-Con, this means my Twitter feed will get much less interesting for a while. (At least until we get closer to Gishwhes, more about that upcoming)!

So here I am back to entertaining myself. By looking at things like this:

I didn't make this. I'm not that awesome. Sigh

I didn’t make this. I’m not that awesome. Sigh

I have a couple of ‘canceled too soon’ posts coming, along with a bunch of ‘my favorite geek’ and an insane amount of ‘writing’ posts.

I know what you’re thinking (don’t you love how I’m always a mindreader, but I never have any useful knowledge?) I always say I’m gonna do stuff with the blog but than never do, so feel free not to believe me or ignore me entirely.  I deserve that.

But just know:



My Favorite Geek

The next selection in the My Favorite Geek series is a special one for me.  He’s the reason I started calling myself a geek aloud.  Within earshot of other people.  He not only made it okay to be different, he encouraged it.  He created a safe space for geeks (and in his words, nerds) to happily coexist.  I am forever in his debt.  Ladies and gentlemen, the smashingly brilliant:

Mr. Chris Hardwick

For my non geeky readers (i.e. my husband), Chris Hardwick has done more good to the nerd name in the past five years than we could have ever dreamed.  We live in a time when it’s almost cool, to be a geek.  And if it’s not full-on cool, it’s at least socially acceptable.  And I know a big part of that is because of Chris.

A quick rundown of the more notable geek related Chris Hardwick ventures: The Nerdist Podcast, Hard ‘n Phirm (musical comedy duo), host of Web Soup (which he also writes for), host of The Talking Dead, writer for Wired, ComiCon panel moderator and stand up comedian, who runs the Nerdist Theater.

And those are only the things he’s doing currently.  He’s a busy, busy nerd.

I admit, I was originally drawn to him because he was a voracious Whovian. (Full disclosure: If you tell me you watch Doctor Who, I will immediately follow you around like a lost puppy- or since I am a non animal lover, I suppose I will follow you around like a rain cloud on bad day).  I soon became a loyal podcast listener anxiously awaiting my bi-weekly fix.

If you aren’t familiar with Chris Hardwick, I encourage you to check out the Nerdist Podcast.  It’s free on iTunes.  Pick one with a guest you enjoy (there are TONS of awesome guest to choose from: Will Wheaton, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Patton Oswalt, JJ Abrams and Dave Attell, just to name a few) or check out a hostful episode, where it’s just Chris and his two co-hosts, Matt Mirah and Jonah Ray.  Personally, the hostful episodes are my favorites.  I love to listen to them just geek about stupid stuff for an hour.

And if my husband is reading this: There is a live Nerdist Podcast in Philly on March 23rd.  You never know what to get me for Valentine’s Day.

Psychic Paper

So I was listening to an episode of The Nerdist podcast (yesterday, the day before I don’t remember it was an older episode though) and a fan was upset because he wasn’t 21 and couldn’t get on the floor for the show.  Chris Hardwick’s brilliant solution, “Dude you should have just shown them your psychic paper at the door!”

So of course I started thinking about what I would use my psychic paper for and of course, geeks and lists tend to go hand and hand, so I present to you:

The Top Five Things I’d Do With Psychic Paper

  1. Use it to get on a Doctor Who set
  2. Pretend it’s a signed contract for my unsold (or unwritten) pilot
  3. Use it as a marriage license to Chirs Hardwick, David Tennent, Matt Smith- you get the idea
  4. Use it to get into the Writer’s Guild Awards
  5. Get a staff writing job on The Big Bang Theory

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is a hacky way of saying, ‘I don’t really have time for a proper post.’  Sorry!  I’m up to my ears (I hate that expression, I can’t believe I used it!) in research, plotting and planning out my spec script (which I changed to The Big Bang Theory because I was having a terrible time finding sample scripts for Todd Margaret).

Hope this quick post helps your day get geekier!