Huh? Yup. Gishwhes.  Standing for, The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen, Gishwhes. It’s in it’s third year and is exactly what it sounds like.

You complete in teams of fifteen, with people around the globe, most or all of whom, you’ve never met. For seven days, you create, donate, inspire and generally just make the world more awesome. Here’s the list of items from the list last year.

You may or may not know, that I’m rather socially awkward. I have a general fear of people and often life itself. The world can be scary. But it can also be amazing. I want in; I want out of the scary bubble inside my head.

Thankfully, I found myself on an awesome team, rich with Whovians and Sherlockians, and Winchester Worshippers. Team Allonsy, FTW!

We’re not allowed to post any pictures or video of what we’re doing on social media until the hunt is over, but I promise to come back and update when I can.

If you’re interested in making the world more awesome, or in donating to random acts, the charity that starting this whole crazy adventure, you still have a week to sign up and throw your dignity aside. Death to Normalcy!



Fun Random Facts

This title is self explanatory.

1. I do not think I am a ‘real’ writer unless I have a beverage while typing. My most common drinks of choice are: Lifewater (Blood orange and mango), Crystal Light (Fruit punch- what I am drinking now), coffee, tea, red wine, and of course a martini.

2. The top three search engine terms for my blog are: d&d alignment, Chris Hardwick girlfriend, and doctor who firefly. My comments are as follows: I have one post on pseudo d&d alignment. It’s basically a rip off (although I gave complete credit) of stuff Chris Hardwick wrote about in his book. Chloe Dykstra…you’re famous! A Doctor Who Firefly mashup would be my dream come true.

3. I don’t have a penchant for newer music. I thought I was the coolest person ever a few weeks ago when I found a new band. My cloud was burst quickly when I realized my new band’s album had been released in 2002. Note: This does not make The Libertines any less good. They are mind blowingly (what, I can make up my own words) amazing.

4. If I were to quickly look around the room I’m in (and yes, of course I just did) I could (and did) count 15 ceramic cupcakes. I think I have a problem.



Here are three random ones. With my Nerdist Way book thrown in.

5. And lastly for today:


Seeing as this ‘meh’ unicorn, from my Fold Your Own Unicorn calendar, is not in fact, a fact at all, it wins at being most random (and come on, it’s a kick ass unicorn!)

Back to the Beginning

So I was thinking that after my lengthy absence, a re-introduction is needed. However, I am way too lazy for that. So this is what you get:


Totally rules to live by, no? (I left about a zillion things out of this hasty sheet of notebook paper. Sue me).

In other news, I’m super excited for the new BBC show Black Orphan. The trailer during the Christmas episode of Doctor Who looked fantastic! But as usual the BBC is making me wait a long time for their super awesome programming. Refer to my post on my love/hate relationship with the BBC.

As for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, can we chat about that for a moment? How much do we (and of course by we, I mean me) love our new companion!?! Oh how I heart her so. I foresee nothing but awesomeness for the young Clara.

In terms of companions, I’ve always been Team Rose. She was my first. And I loved her for it. I hated Martha (although I LOVED her on Torchwood), and wasn’t really a fan of Donna. I did, however, fall hard for one Amelia Pond. I’m not sure it was actually Amy that I loved or the way the Doctor interacted with her. But that relationship pulled me like none has since Rose.

But I really feel like this chick is totally going to hold her own against the Doctor. And this is going to be a fun ride! Must get TARDIS so I can go to March 30th.

And a quick side note for the future of this blog; I’m hoping to post at least twice a week going forward now that I have the easy ability to do so. (Plus it will totally count toward my goal of writing at least 60 minutes a day. Two birds and all).

I’m Back!

Hello super blog readers! It’s been a ridiculously long time, but I finally have a reliable source to continue with my blogging. Hello, iPad!

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’m back. You can expect an actual full post coming this week. I’m thinking Doctor Who or Nerdist for my first full post back. I’ll keep you in suspense.

Until several days from now,


How D&D Changed My Thinking


I’m totally not that big of a geek.  I’ve never played D&D.  Hell I’ve never even seen D&D.

This comes from Chris Hardwick’s book: The Nerdist Way. You might recall, I reviewed it some time ago.  He asks that you chose a D&D alignment for your life.  It will, apparently, help you make decisions.  Plus it’s fun!

So here are our choices (all the examples are pulled directly from the book- I’m not that clever):

Lawful good, “Crusader”  EXAMPLES: Batman, Dick Tracey and Indiana Jones.

Neutral Good, “Benefactor”  EXAMPLES: Zorro and Spider-Man.  I’d pitch the Doctor in this pile too, but some Nerds would shout that he’s more the next one down, Chaotic Good.

Chaotic Good, “Rebel”  EXAMPLES: Starbuck from Battlestar Galactic, Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly and Robin Hood. My addition: Dexter Morgan.

Lawful Neutral, “Soldier”  EXAMPLES: James Bond, Odysseus and Kiefer Sutherland’s mush mouthed marine in A Few Good Men.

Neutral, “Undecided”  EXAMPLES: full time stoners or a chicken running around in your yard.

Chaotic Neutral, “Free Spirit”  EXAMPLES: Captain Jack Sparrow, Al Swearengen from Deadwood and Snake Plissen.

Lawful Evil, “Dominator”  EXAMPLES: Boba Fett and Magneto

Neutral Evil, “Malefacator” EXAMPLES: General Zod and Sawyer of the early seasons of Lost and Megatron

Chaotic Evil, “Destroyer” EXAMPLES: Carl Denham from King Kong, Riddick from Pitch Black, Darth Maul  and Sauron from The Lord of the Rings

Here’s where it gets interesting.  I feel I clearly come down in the  Neutral Good, Benefactor alignment.  But if someone asked me which group I wanted to be in, I think it’s kind of a toss-up between Chaotic Good, Rebel (which, FYI, Chris reasons the Doctor would be in) and Chaotic Neutral, Free Spirit.

It seriously made me stop and think.  If I’m currently like Spider-Man, why would I choose to want to be like Malcolm Reynolds or Captain Jack Sparrow?  It certainly would seem that Spider-man does more good than the latter two.

And I’m ashamed of the answer.  If I’m being honest, I’m tired of being good.  I’m bored of doing the right things all the time.  I just want to have some fun.  Malcolm Reynolds will save the girl, sure.  But only because she happens to be handcuffed to the crate of gold he’s busy stealing.

Now, I’ve never stolen anything.  Never went through a teenage angst shoplifting phase.  (Full disclosure: I might have occasionally stolen a cigarette off my mom or a quarter off a table, but I don’t think that’s relevent here).  And I have no plans to start now.  But it does sound exciting.

My day goes like this: get up, write, shower, do chores, run errands, write, go to work, help autistic kids, come home, make dinner, watch hockey, write, drink wine, go to bed. You’ll notice that ‘help autistic kids’ fits in quite nicely with my Neutral Good, Benefactor role.

Short of, maybe, get up, drink wine, go to bed, I’d imagine that Malcolm Reynolds day would be extraordinarily different from mine.  Would it be better? Is this a case of ‘the grass is always greener?’

Sometimes I enjoy my happy little rut.   When someone asks me how things are going, I have a habit of saying, “Fine.  Same. Which is basically how I like it.”

I’m not sure that that’s true anymore.  When does the time come to do something that’s just for you?  And how do you determine whether or not it’s selfish to act that way?  If you’re so busy saving other people, who saves you?




I’ve been totally lacking for inspiration lately.  For this blog anyway, I have plenty going on in my normal life.  When I decided to start this blog, I thought it was going to be awesome; all Doctor Who and Joss Whedon.  But I’m realizing that it’s hard to ‘talk shop’ everyday about the same topics without seeming stale.

So as you may have noticed, I’ve been branching out a bit and talking about my writing (which continues to consume my life) and my TV habits (some of which are definitely geekier than others).

But last night as I was watching hockey, (Full disclosure: I watch a LOT of hockey.  It’s a total non-geeky obsession of mine.) I fell asleep!  At about 9pm.  I think that sums up my geekiness in a nutshell.

Oh and this:

This is a snapshot of my bookshelf.  Yup.  I’m that girl.  Twilight meets Nietzsche.  Can you tell which one’s been read more?

Finding the Geeky

I was (as usual) listening to an older episode of the Nerdist Podcast on my way home from work recently.  Chris (Hardwick, our nerdy host and one of our geek gods, remember?) was trying to explain to his co-host that baseball stats aren’t nerdy.  In fact nothing about sports is nerdy.  The conversation ensued a bit.  Ultimately Chris decided he was wrong.  Stats were in facts nerdy and obsessive.  He hasn’t come around on sports, but he’s solidly on the stats=geeky side.

Why am I telling you this?

The geek is everywhere.

In the everyday mundane-ness of needing (no, no, I really, really  do need) exactly five perfectly rounded tablespoons of coffee for ten cups; to the ‘sounds way geekier’ (and of course super awesome to me), ‘You don’t understand.  I tried not to play 18 hours of Skyrim, but I just couldn’t stop.’

The way you may geek out over video games or British sci-fi shows about a Time Lord who can travel through space and time in a blue police box, is the same way your neighbor is geeking out about his 4 barrel carburetor with a .357 magnum.  (Can you tell where my geekiness does not lie?)

Embrace it.  Accept yourself.  Be happier.

And of course be geekier.