The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

So my last post was in July. It’s now March, but I’m not even going to address that.

Here’s what I’ve been doing: WORKING a shit ton (and no, I’m not happy about it), hiking (okay, I’ve only  been once since October, but it’s not my fault, winter sucks), yoga-ing (yeah, I know, that’s not a word), reading an insane amount (I don’t really need a parenthesis for this one) and watching an obsessive amount of @midnight (no, my Chris Hardwick obsession has not waned in these past months).


I’ve also been keeping in pretty close contact with my GISHWHES team (you may vaguely remember I did GISHWHES last year and am anxiously awaiting it’s return). We are totally going to win this year, now that we know the ropes.

But mostly I’ve been setting things up. My plan is to quit my job in 2 years (but reserve the right to push it to 6 years if need be) and live completely off of my crafts/arts/writing and other such things (plus whatever my husband can bring in). This working nonsense is for the birds and I WANT OUT.

Look for lots of upcoming posts about my future endeavors (read as, me whining about a bunch of bullshit that I can totally control but am choosing not to.

Until next time, (Which will be,hopefully, sooner than 8 months)



Huh? Yup. Gishwhes.  Standing for, The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen, Gishwhes. It’s in it’s third year and is exactly what it sounds like.

You complete in teams of fifteen, with people around the globe, most or all of whom, you’ve never met. For seven days, you create, donate, inspire and generally just make the world more awesome. Here’s the list of items from the list last year.

You may or may not know, that I’m rather socially awkward. I have a general fear of people and often life itself. The world can be scary. But it can also be amazing. I want in; I want out of the scary bubble inside my head.

Thankfully, I found myself on an awesome team, rich with Whovians and Sherlockians, and Winchester Worshippers. Team Allonsy, FTW!

We’re not allowed to post any pictures or video of what we’re doing on social media until the hunt is over, but I promise to come back and update when I can.

If you’re interested in making the world more awesome, or in donating to random acts, the charity that starting this whole crazy adventure, you still have a week to sign up and throw your dignity aside. Death to Normalcy!


SDCC and the Crush of Returning to Normal Life


So another year of SDCC has come and gone, and I haven’t been to the party.  Thankfully, Twitter was amazingly awesome with updates and panels and pics (is it too schticky if I add ‘oh my!’ here?)!

I may have to divert some money into getting into NerdHQ stuff if I ever make it the 2700 miles over there. I mean seriously; how freakin’ awesome were  Zac Levi and Nathan Fillion?


With the wrap up of Comic-Con, this means my Twitter feed will get much less interesting for a while. (At least until we get closer to Gishwhes, more about that upcoming)!

So here I am back to entertaining myself. By looking at things like this:

I didn't make this. I'm not that awesome. Sigh

I didn’t make this. I’m not that awesome. Sigh

I have a couple of ‘canceled too soon’ posts coming, along with a bunch of ‘my favorite geek’ and an insane amount of ‘writing’ posts.

I know what you’re thinking (don’t you love how I’m always a mindreader, but I never have any useful knowledge?) I always say I’m gonna do stuff with the blog but than never do, so feel free not to believe me or ignore me entirely.  I deserve that.

But just know:


I Make No Promises

It’s been well over a year since I lasted posted to the blog. I don’t make any promises to when I’ll be back or how often I’ll update, but as of right now, you can expect an actual in-depth follow-up post tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of me with total Helena Bonham Carter hair:

Photo on 7-23-13 at 12.59 AM


I have a zillion things to post.  I miss this blog. The iPad was totally not good for typing or WordPress. New laptop: totally fine. (Full disclosure: I’ve been using totally way more often than I’d care to admit).

See you tomorrow!

Fun Random Facts

This title is self explanatory.

1. I do not think I am a ‘real’ writer unless I have a beverage while typing. My most common drinks of choice are: Lifewater (Blood orange and mango), Crystal Light (Fruit punch- what I am drinking now), coffee, tea, red wine, and of course a martini.

2. The top three search engine terms for my blog are: d&d alignment, Chris Hardwick girlfriend, and doctor who firefly. My comments are as follows: I have one post on pseudo d&d alignment. It’s basically a rip off (although I gave complete credit) of stuff Chris Hardwick wrote about in his book. Chloe Dykstra…you’re famous! A Doctor Who Firefly mashup would be my dream come true.

3. I don’t have a penchant for newer music. I thought I was the coolest person ever a few weeks ago when I found a new band. My cloud was burst quickly when I realized my new band’s album had been released in 2002. Note: This does not make The Libertines any less good. They are mind blowingly (what, I can make up my own words) amazing.

4. If I were to quickly look around the room I’m in (and yes, of course I just did) I could (and did) count 15 ceramic cupcakes. I think I have a problem.



Here are three random ones. With my Nerdist Way book thrown in.

5. And lastly for today:


Seeing as this ‘meh’ unicorn, from my Fold Your Own Unicorn calendar, is not in fact, a fact at all, it wins at being most random (and come on, it’s a kick ass unicorn!)

I’m Back!

Hello super blog readers! It’s been a ridiculously long time, but I finally have a reliable source to continue with my blogging. Hello, iPad!

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’m back. You can expect an actual full post coming this week. I’m thinking Doctor Who or Nerdist for my first full post back. I’ll keep you in suspense.

Until several days from now,


Chris Hardwick; Third Times a Charm

You’re probably getting very, very tired of hearing about Chris Hardwick, but a) I’m not tired of writing about him and b) I promised you a follow-up on the Comedy Central Stand Up Taping.

So I was supposed to go with my girlfriend, but she bailed (with a very solid reason) so I called my go to, my mom.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned in a Gilmore Girls post that my mom really is my BFF.  Anyway, my mom is pretty young, but at 54 was still the oldest person there.  She didn’t mind.

So we wait in a line that wraps completely around the theater (thankfully it was relatively mild for NYC on a winter night- thank you global warming) for about twenty minutes.  Then they start letting us in.  As we got to the door, they simply handed everyone on line tickets and in we went.  Mom and I were towards the end of the line and we had to use the bathroom once we got inside so we ended up in the last row.  It only had two seats so mom and I had the area to ourselves and we were almost dead center.  We couldn’t have lucked out better!

Before the show starts they make you laugh a bunch and clap so they can record it (my mom later informed me that this was her favorite part of the show).  Then the opener, Jonah Ray, came out- mostly everyone knew him- since he co-hosts the podcast with Chris.  He didn’t kill, but he got enough laughs that I don’t think he felt bad.

And then along came Chris.  He came out dressed in a shiny silver suit and looked very much like Doctor Who.  He got a standing ovation as soon as people caught a glimpse of him.  (Who knew there were so many geeks and nerds?)  He was funny, charming and likeable.  It was a great show.  All the jokes worked, and best of all my 54-year-old mom sat there and laughed at every joke.  It was a perfect evening.

But I think the funniest part of the night came as mom and I were walking from the theater to the sushi place.  When mom said:

“Did you get any of that?  I didn’t know about anything he was talking about.”

“What? You laughed through the whole thing.  I thought you enjoyed it”

“I did, but I didn’t know what he was talking about.”

“Then why were you laughing?”

“Well when everyone else laughed I figured he said something funny, so I laughed too…but I loved that part about the ghost hunting.”

Oh and a quick P.S. I have to postpone my ‘only talking in movie and TV quotes for the day’.  I forgot I have a phone meeting this afternoon.  I don’t think it would go over so well.  I’ll keep you posted.