Canceled Too Soon: Caprica

In my first post of this series, if you’ll recall, I talked about Terriers.  In this post I’m going with Caprica.  If someone hired me to make a show that was more opposite of Terriers than Caprica, I don’t think I could.  It’s amazing how you can love two shows so much that are so dissimilar.  Which I think means, both shows had brilliant writing.

Caprica is everything that Terriers isn’t; in the very best of ways.

Caprica starred Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales, Paula Malcomson, Allessandra Torresani, Magda Apanowicz, Sasha Roiz, Brian Markinson and Polly Walker in a world that took place 58 years before Battlestar Galactica.  (Full disclosure: I’m working my way through BSG now, but I haven’t finished it.  You don’t need to know anything about BSG to enjoy this show).

Caprica uses futuristic styling and beautiful images to tell an amazing story.  I truly believe that this story could have been set anywhere and it would have been just as powerful.  Caprica shows how humans created the first Cylons that would later attempt to destroy humanity as retaliation.  If you’re not a sci-fi geek, I may have just lost you, but hang with me.  Please.

The core of the story doesn’t really have anything to do with Cylons or robots or virtual reality.  The story is really about humanity and where we are heading as a society.  (At least that’s what I took from it).  We may not to able to staunch ourselves in a virtual reality or fly to other planets, but we can exhibit the same emotions here on Earth.

A lot of Caprica is steeped in religion.  To believe in only one true God is be a terrorist and persecuted.  Religious zealots drive a lot of the story.  This unfortunately is a huge problem in our society today, but it is amazing to watch.

Religion and culture are at the forefront of this show, which to me, is what makes it so interesting.  I also think that was why the show didn’t get a lot of ratings.  While yes, it was without question, a BSG prequel, I don’t think there was enough BSG in it, to keep the true BSG sci-fi fans happy and wasn’t marketed to people who would enjoy the cultural aspects of this show.

As with Terriers (and all the shows will show up here in Canceled Too Soon, I encourage you to watch.  Caprica only got 18 seasons so you could, conceivably rip through it on a weekend.  And you should.


Canceled Too Soon:Terriers

I spoke earlier of shows that got canceled too soon.  This is my first in a series of posts: Canceled Too Soon. (Full disclosure: Titles are not my strong point).

I’m going to kick this series off with Terriers.  I was one of my personal favorites that got canceled waaaay too soon last year. (It was actually December of 2010.)

Terriers was a show starring Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James in an unlicensed private detective agency.  And it was fabulously brilliant.  I tried and tried to get people to watch this show, but it was (obviously) to no avail.  Terriers had the most beautiful subtle charm about it.  Which, unfortunately, I think was its downfall.  No one (expect me apparently) wants subtle anymore.  America needs everything to be in your face and aggressive at all times.

These characters were written beautifully.  It felt as if they could be actual people.  They were flawed and real.  Donal Logue is a hell of an actor, but thanks to Grounded for Life, people tend to throw his acting chops aside.

Terriers is currently streaming on Netflix.  If you haven’t given this show a look before, I implore you to do so now.  It’s not super sexy or super stylized.  It doesn’t have slick fight scenes or vampires.  But it was an amazing story and incredible writing to pull it off.