I’m Not a Techy Geek

I have totally NOT been avoiding this blog.  I miss blogging.  I really, really do.  I just have a really crappy computer that does not like to have WordPress be part of its life.  ( FYI: It took me about an hour to do this 200 word post).

It’s quite sad actually.

I should do some quick updates, but I don’t have that much to report.  I send my entry for the Nick Writing Program. I’m currently still (yes still) working on my Community spec.  I’ve also gotten really into flash fiction lately so I’ve been writing a ton of that.  I’ve sent out two pieces, but don’t love anything else I’ve done enough to attempt to publish it.  I’m really trying to do at least two solid hours of writing a day (that means actual writing, not researching or pretending to write while I sit around and Google stuff), but I’m just not disinclined enough yet.  Sigh.

In other news, I’m totally geeking out over the new Nerdist and Geek and Sundry YouTube channels.  April 2nd cannot come fast enough.  (Add this to the list of reasons I need a TARDIS).