Chris Hardwick; Third Times a Charm

You’re probably getting very, very tired of hearing about Chris Hardwick, but a) I’m not tired of writing about him and b) I promised you a follow-up on the Comedy Central Stand Up Taping.

So I was supposed to go with my girlfriend, but she bailed (with a very solid reason) so I called my go to, my mom.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned in a Gilmore Girls post that my mom really is my BFF.  Anyway, my mom is pretty young, but at 54 was still the oldest person there.  She didn’t mind.

So we wait in a line that wraps completely around the theater (thankfully it was relatively mild for NYC on a winter night- thank you global warming) for about twenty minutes.  Then they start letting us in.  As we got to the door, they simply handed everyone on line tickets and in we went.  Mom and I were towards the end of the line and we had to use the bathroom once we got inside so we ended up in the last row.  It only had two seats so mom and I had the area to ourselves and we were almost dead center.  We couldn’t have lucked out better!

Before the show starts they make you laugh a bunch and clap so they can record it (my mom later informed me that this was her favorite part of the show).  Then the opener, Jonah Ray, came out- mostly everyone knew him- since he co-hosts the podcast with Chris.  He didn’t kill, but he got enough laughs that I don’t think he felt bad.

And then along came Chris.  He came out dressed in a shiny silver suit and looked very much like Doctor Who.  He got a standing ovation as soon as people caught a glimpse of him.  (Who knew there were so many geeks and nerds?)  He was funny, charming and likeable.  It was a great show.  All the jokes worked, and best of all my 54-year-old mom sat there and laughed at every joke.  It was a perfect evening.

But I think the funniest part of the night came as mom and I were walking from the theater to the sushi place.  When mom said:

“Did you get any of that?  I didn’t know about anything he was talking about.”

“What? You laughed through the whole thing.  I thought you enjoyed it”

“I did, but I didn’t know what he was talking about.”

“Then why were you laughing?”

“Well when everyone else laughed I figured he said something funny, so I laughed too…but I loved that part about the ghost hunting.”

Oh and a quick P.S. I have to postpone my ‘only talking in movie and TV quotes for the day’.  I forgot I have a phone meeting this afternoon.  I don’t think it would go over so well.  I’ll keep you posted.


Oye With the Poodles

I’ve been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately.  It’s one of my favorite shows, like, ever.  It has dialog I aspire to someday be able to write and characters I hope to someday create.

In the episode “Last Week Fights, This Week Tights” we find Chet, Tana’s boyfriend, losing a bet and being forced to speak only in clichés.  I have to try this.

I often speak heavily in TV and movie quotes (I’ve never done a whole day though!), but I’ve never done clichés.

I have to work tonight so that won’t work, but tomorrow I’m going to attempt to speak only in TV and movie quotes (as it’s much easier than clichés) and if I can pull that off, maybe I’ll work up to clichés.

I’ll update you later in the week on my progress.  I may have to write an explaination on my hand.

This is totally going to be one of those things that makes my husband go, “You’re weird.”  Cool.  I could use a dollar or two.

Aren’t words just the most, to say the least?

How D&D Changed My Thinking


I’m totally not that big of a geek.  I’ve never played D&D.  Hell I’ve never even seen D&D.

This comes from Chris Hardwick’s book: The Nerdist Way. You might recall, I reviewed it some time ago.  He asks that you chose a D&D alignment for your life.  It will, apparently, help you make decisions.  Plus it’s fun!

So here are our choices (all the examples are pulled directly from the book- I’m not that clever):

Lawful good, “Crusader”  EXAMPLES: Batman, Dick Tracey and Indiana Jones.

Neutral Good, “Benefactor”  EXAMPLES: Zorro and Spider-Man.  I’d pitch the Doctor in this pile too, but some Nerds would shout that he’s more the next one down, Chaotic Good.

Chaotic Good, “Rebel”  EXAMPLES: Starbuck from Battlestar Galactic, Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly and Robin Hood. My addition: Dexter Morgan.

Lawful Neutral, “Soldier”  EXAMPLES: James Bond, Odysseus and Kiefer Sutherland’s mush mouthed marine in A Few Good Men.

Neutral, “Undecided”  EXAMPLES: full time stoners or a chicken running around in your yard.

Chaotic Neutral, “Free Spirit”  EXAMPLES: Captain Jack Sparrow, Al Swearengen from Deadwood and Snake Plissen.

Lawful Evil, “Dominator”  EXAMPLES: Boba Fett and Magneto

Neutral Evil, “Malefacator” EXAMPLES: General Zod and Sawyer of the early seasons of Lost and Megatron

Chaotic Evil, “Destroyer” EXAMPLES: Carl Denham from King Kong, Riddick from Pitch Black, Darth Maul  and Sauron from The Lord of the Rings

Here’s where it gets interesting.  I feel I clearly come down in the  Neutral Good, Benefactor alignment.  But if someone asked me which group I wanted to be in, I think it’s kind of a toss-up between Chaotic Good, Rebel (which, FYI, Chris reasons the Doctor would be in) and Chaotic Neutral, Free Spirit.

It seriously made me stop and think.  If I’m currently like Spider-Man, why would I choose to want to be like Malcolm Reynolds or Captain Jack Sparrow?  It certainly would seem that Spider-man does more good than the latter two.

And I’m ashamed of the answer.  If I’m being honest, I’m tired of being good.  I’m bored of doing the right things all the time.  I just want to have some fun.  Malcolm Reynolds will save the girl, sure.  But only because she happens to be handcuffed to the crate of gold he’s busy stealing.

Now, I’ve never stolen anything.  Never went through a teenage angst shoplifting phase.  (Full disclosure: I might have occasionally stolen a cigarette off my mom or a quarter off a table, but I don’t think that’s relevent here).  And I have no plans to start now.  But it does sound exciting.

My day goes like this: get up, write, shower, do chores, run errands, write, go to work, help autistic kids, come home, make dinner, watch hockey, write, drink wine, go to bed. You’ll notice that ‘help autistic kids’ fits in quite nicely with my Neutral Good, Benefactor role.

Short of, maybe, get up, drink wine, go to bed, I’d imagine that Malcolm Reynolds day would be extraordinarily different from mine.  Would it be better? Is this a case of ‘the grass is always greener?’

Sometimes I enjoy my happy little rut.   When someone asks me how things are going, I have a habit of saying, “Fine.  Same. Which is basically how I like it.”

I’m not sure that that’s true anymore.  When does the time come to do something that’s just for you?  And how do you determine whether or not it’s selfish to act that way?  If you’re so busy saving other people, who saves you?



The Monster Behind Door Number Three

As much as I love, love, love, The Walking Dead, I think zombies may have run their course.  Just like vampires before them.  So I ask you, what monster is behind door number three?

What will be the next scary thing that we use over and over until we just can’t take it anymore?

Will it be something we know well? Ghosts? Werewolves? Witches?

Will be something that already exists, but is less established? Headless Horsemen? Mummies? Frankenstein’s monster?

Will it be some kind of hybrid? A human dragon? A Godzilla fairy?

What I do know is that I am ready for it.  I’m so tired of vampires and zombies. (Full disclosure: If they mixed up vampires and zombies with other stuff, I’d still watch them, but it’s all vamps and zombies all the time.  Other monsters exist too!)

So what do you think is behind door number three?

British Invasion

No not them. Me.

I didn’t realize how much British slang had been creeping into my life (thank you BBC) until about a week ago.

My husband and I were rehashing our evening out, it went something like this:

Him: Hey did you see that guy dressed in his Marine outfit?

Me: Oh, you mean that one that was chatting up that bird?

Him: The one who was whatting now?

Me: Prat.

Him: (Groan) You’re British tonight aren’t you?

Me: Quite.

Him: Your accent sucks.

Me: (I give two finger salute).

Him: I can play too…fancy a shag?

Our Nerdist: Chris Hardwick…Again

I’ve already written about Chris Hardwick in the ‘My Favorite Geek’ category.  But I just scored some free (yes free as in zero money) tickets to the taping of his stand up special, so that totally warrants another mention.

He’d been saying on his podcast that he was doing was doing this show and he needed to fill an 800 seat theater. And since, apparently, it’s easier to perform for people who like you, he wanted the fill the place with fans…and I’m one of them!

I’ll do a write-up of it next week.  I’m so super excited!  Wait. How do the British claim excitement?  Gobsmacked is more amazed than excited, I think. Brits!  Help! (You realize that now my next post will about my love affair with all things British, right?)


I’m Not Dead

Since I’m sure all my rabid readers (Ha!- not for the ‘readers’ part, for the ‘my’ part) were going, ‘That girl hasn’t posted anything, surely she’s dead.’  Let me assure you, I am not.

Somehow it’s February 15th.  This month has disappeared on me.  I buried my head in Final Draft and haven’t really looked up.  The good news: I love love love the spec I’m sending for the Nick Writing Fellowship.  I busted my ass on it.  I rewrote it countless times.  I actually let other people read it (I’m bad at sharing- a very bad habit for a writer). And it’s finally finished.  But then I realized I had to actually send it.

I don’t own a printer. (Well I do own one, but I don’t own one that works). I’m usually good with heading to the library (Mmmmm library) when I need to print something.  It’s cheaper to spend the .20 per print out than pay $40 for ink (okay so in the long run it’s not actually cheaper on paper, but it is in my head).  But since I need to print out two copies of the script and it’s 38 pages, we’re talking over fifteen dollars just on the scripts.  Then you have to add on title pages and resumes and bios.  It’s going to get pretty expensive (plus I hate to be that person who’s hogging the library’s only printer).

So today I’m going to Best Buy to buy a printer.  I saw one on sale for $60.  The best part? It comes with ink.  Gotta love a package deal.

So what’s up next?  I’m working on a Community spec and a spec pilot.  My ultimate goal is to have 4 specs and 2 pilots by August.

What up next for you?